“You will not be allowed into Tai!”, “You will not be credited with the Sandbox!”

“No application for Thailand starts!” is it already possible to leave the room? “- Before the trip to Phuket, all this worried me very much. Bloggers on the Internet only fueled my panic. Some write that all” must-have “mobile applications must be activated in advance. Others, that the test of the seventh day should be taken to the laboratory … I was so worried that I almost gave up the trip! Now my “Sandbox” in Thailand is over. Let me tell you how things really are with applications and tests.


I downloaded the Morchana application back in Russia and realized that it didn’t work. It is not possible to load personal data into it. At my own peril and risk, I flew without any applications at all.

As a result, at the border, I did not need any programs that are written about on the net. By the way, in Thailand, there are no problems with entering the Morchana app. Conclusion: download only “Morchana” and dont worry if you cant activate it. In case of emergency, Phuket Airport has free Wi-Fi. And to enter “Morchana”, you only need a QR code and any of your photos.

PCR test upon arrival

There are also many confusion due to incomprehensible blog posts. Heres how it goes:

  • at the exit from the airport after passport control you are registered for the PCR test (you already paid when you received Thai Pass);
  • go on, get a package with an antigen test right in your hands (you dont need to touch it yet );
  • then you are directed to the booths, where an employee with the same nose stick is waiting for you;
  • after the test you are taken to the hotel (you did not forget to order a transfer?);
  • wait for the result no more than a day (mine came in 5 hours).

During registration for PCR, you will be given a booklet. There is a site where you can independently monitor the readiness of the test. But if you don’t want to do this, wait for an e-mail notification (scan the QR code, it is better to indicate @ – the Thais have problems with Russians).

Antigen test

Most of all I was worried about the deadline for passing the test. Some write that the antigen test in Thailand is done on the 6th day of stay. And the others, which are in the seventh. I learned: I have to do it on the sixth day.

It's simple. Take the package that was given to you at the airport. Find the QR code on it. Scan it and get instructions as a PDF file. In Russian, no, there is in English. In fact, everything is intuitively clear: take a sample in the nose with a stick, dip it into the solution from the kit for 10 seconds, close the tube with a pipette and drip 3 drops from there onto the test cassette. After 15 minutes, you see a clear result. It looks like a pregnancy test. One stick on top is negative (that's good). Next, the test must be taken to the reception at the hotel. In return, they will prepare documents confirming the certification of the “Sandbox”. In the video below, I showed how this is done.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments – I will try to help you! And here I told you in detail how to get a Thai Pass (permission to enter Thailand).

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