Why lie about the “Sandbox” in Thailand? How I got to the islands during Phuket Sandbox

“In Thailand, tourists are locked in a hotel for 7 days?” the sea, then at least you can go out? “… These are the most popular questions about the” Sandbox “in Thailand. They are fueled by bloggers who write articles about” extinct “Phuket and” decayed “tourism. They argue that it is not worth going to Thailand, because it is “not the same”. Ill tell you how you can actually relax in the Phuket Sandbox.

Are they locked up in the hotel?

Tourists are “locked” only for a few hours. You arrive at the airport, take the test, and take a special transport to the hotel. And sit in the room until you are told that the test is negative. Its time to take a nap after a long flight! I was “released” 4 hours after checking into the hotel.

What can be done within the Sandbox

There was a wrong opinion that in Thailand during the “Sandbox” you have to sit in a hotel for 7 days. In fact, you only need to spend the night in it. The rest of the time can be spent anywhere: ride around the city, relax at the sea, go on excursions. You cant just travel to other provinces. That is, if you flew to Phuket, then within 7 days you cannot move to Pattaya, Krabi or Koh Samui. Then you can.

My “Sandbox” in Phuket

While some bloggers are bored and claim that Thailand is not the same, I decided to get to know Phuket better. I checked into a hotel on Karon Beach. During the Sandbox, I was active every day.

My standard routine:

  • having breakfast with a sea view;
  • I relax on the beach, swim in the clear sea;
  • I shoot videos and stories for you, I work surrounded by palm trees;
  • I drink coconuts, I enjoy the assortment of 7/11 stores (no, they havent closed);
  • I walk, explore Phuket and its beaches;
  • I have lunch and dinner in Thai restaurants or take something from the makings;
  • I walk through the souvenir shops;
  • I go to massage (salons are open now, Thai massage for 200 baht is cool!).

Now in Thailand it is boring only for lovers of evening binge. Their favorite entertainment is still closed. Others are definitely not bored here. Islands

Visiting tourist sites is the most important thing to do in Thailand now. When else will there be a chance to visit the luxurious islands without the crowds of Chinese? During the “Sandbox” boat trips are allowed. But on condition that the islands belong to your province. For Phuket, for example, these are Racha and Coral. I visited them.

Took an excursion in one of the most famous agencies in Phuket – Phuket Cheap Tour (who was here, that knows them for sure). And went on a speedboat across the islands! Picked up right from the hotel.


Racha Island is made up of white sand and incredibly clear blue water. Just like in the Maldives! Long coastline surrounded by mountains and greenery, Thai boats, sparkling sea – perfect. There would be to shoot clips and take photos in magazines for articles about heavenly life!

There are corals and colored fish nearby. During the excursion, we were given masks and snorkels for free so that everyone could swim. Check out the video below to see how it happened.


Coral Island is another illustration of the impeccable tropics. Snow-white sand, azure sea, swings among palm trees, stairs to the sky and gazebos for beautiful photos – everything that a tourist tired of the metropolis needs. Then I had lunch in a panoramic restaurant, admired the adorable rhino birds and just rested (of course, after I shot a video for you).

In the evening I was returned to the hotel. I had time to admire the sunset on the sea, dine at my favorite cafe and take a walk.

After this, believe the information on the Internet! It seems that bloggers are just writing such articles about “extinct Thailand” for the sake of audience attention. However, some are now really sad without Thai women (men?) And night parties. But lovers of beach and outdoor activities can be calm – in Thailand, all this is available even during the “Sandbox”!

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