Why it is better to live in Turkey, rather than rest: my conclusions after moving to Alanya

I came to Turkey to rest for 2 weeks and stayed for good. I realized that this is where I want to be for most of the year. I liked Alanya so much that I even bought an apartment in a complex under construction. I shared this news on my blog and received the following comments: “No, its good to have a rest in Turkey, but certainly not to live.” I would like to answer: “Have you tried it? How do you know this? “Before, I also thought that Turkey does not exist outside of“ all inclusive “. Ill tell you why my opinion changed.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of living in Turkey, which are difficult to notice during your holidays. Tourists simply do not have time to mark them.

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I have spent most of my life in an unfavorable climate. Chilly autumn, harsh winter, “dirty” spring, sultry summer … I breathed exhaust gases, worked at the computer for 12 hours, fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of city noise and the ringing of trams . And I wondered why at 23 I feel 63.

While on vacation in Turkey, each of us relaxes and feels like we are truly relaxing. I do not argue – I went through it myself. But I realized how much better you can feel if you are always in Turkey. There is not a single plant in Alanya, and the air smells only of the sea and pine needles. The sun shines almost every day, people are in no hurry, and in the morning I wake up from birds singing.

After a year of living in Turkey, I realized that I hadnt opened the first aid kit at all. I never even had a headache! I wake up energetic and always feel my best. She also stopped fussing and being nervous.

Good Products

During our holidays, many of us eat at the buffet. Sometimes they go outside the hotel for souvenirs and sweets. Someone gets to the fruit and vegetable markets. But tourists rarely have time to understand how different food is in Turkey.

When I lived in St. Petersburg, I did not buy natural products every day. I didnt like giving 200 rubles per kg of tasteless cucumbers. Or chew “plastic” tomatoes and apples. I just didnt like them. And the only greens in my diet was dill. Honestly, is it easy for you to eat well in your hometown?

Its good to live in Turkey, because over time you involuntarily adjust to the local rhythm. And you start going to the bazaar once a week. Buy juicy peaches and “fleshy” tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and sweet apples there. You taste greens that you havent even seen before. Tourists have no time to consider all the variety of products in the bazaar. But when you move here, you automatically start buying more wholesome food.

Everything is convenient

Arriving at an all-inclusive hotel, you will never see what ordinary life in Turkey looks like. You will hardly know that there are houses with hotel infrastructure, which you can use for free. That there are definitely 2-3 supermarkets near you, where everything is very cheap, varied and tasty. What is everything for people in Turkey: low prices for food in restaurants outside the tourist area, inexpensive and high-quality dishes, good schools and beauty salons, a convenient transport system and much more. Here I simply do not have everyday problems, because any issue has been resolved in advance conveniently and in my favor.

The heat can be tamed

Many tourists know that August is incredibly hot in Turkey. This is the main argument of those who say that it is better to rest here, not live. But I realized that this was not a problem at all. As a tourist, you want to spend all your free time on the sea or on excursions. Its a pity for you to sit in your room on vacation. But if you move to Turkey, you will understand that you have nowhere else to run. And that on the hottest days you can walk early in the morning and late in the evening. And the rest of the time, sit at home with air conditioning, eat delicious fruits and not be tormented by a sense of guilt.

Why is it better to live in Turkey than to rest: my conclusions after moving to AlanyaMoving or rest

I met many people who bought an apartment in Turkey and use it as a “summer residence”. It is very convenient to have 2 apartments and live where it is comfortable right now. Someone rents their “dacha” to tourists so that the apartment does not stand idle. This is also a great option.

I am by no means saying that the rest in Turkey is bad. I sincerely think that all inclusive is brilliant in this country. And I myself often travel to Turkish hotels and rest on “all inclusive”. But still, I think its better to live here than to come 1-2 times a year for a week. Only then you can understand how good it is in Turkey!

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