What are they hoping for? There are no tourists in Thailand, but housing prices have lifted up

Is it better to stay with an empty apartment for the whole season or rent it out for a long time at a reduced price? Russian agents in Phuket chose the first option. I have no doubt that they will lose in income, because now there are few people willing to settle in “prestigious” areas for a high price. Tourists and winterers are in no hurry to go to Thailand. And intractable real estate agents only fuel it.

Renting an apartment_data_ renderdata “It used to be easier: I bought a ticket, rented an apartment at a good price – spend the winter on your health. Now tourists in Thailand must pay for a hotel for 7 nights, insurance, tests … And only then you can move to an apartment. This is already becoming a reason for many to refuse to travel to Thailand.

In addition, prices have gone up in Phuket. For example, I was offered a small studio in a condo 1 km from the sea for 20 thousand baht per month (almost 45 thousand rubles) + KU. And this is subject to a long-term lease. I could not find any cheaper options. But more expensive – more than enough. The agents explained it this way: “In the New Year and high season, we expect to rent more expensive – from 40 thousand baht for a long time, as well as daily.”

High season is in full swing, but I can see that these apartments are still free and available. And this is on empty Karon, where there is almost no life now.

Accommodation on Koh Samui

I love Koh Samui more than Phuket. I turned to my friends who are engaged in real estate (if you need contacts – write, I will share). I was quickly thrown off a selection of apartments and houses at a price of 7 to 15 thousand baht per month. This is from 15.5 thousand rubles! Everything is within walking distance from the sea. The hosts are Thai, not Russian. They understand that it is better to earn at least something than to sit all season with empty housing. Therefore, they willingly reduce prices. Many have dropped 50% of the regular price!

Now I rent a one-room apartment on Koh Samui for 8,000 baht per month. To the sea – 10 minutes walk. Near the market, supermarket 7/11 and everything you need. A similar option in Phuket from Russian owners costs three times more.

Conclusion: there is affordable housing in Thailand. But you have to look for him. Russians and Thais reacted differently to border closures. Some have raised prices (and still do not reduce, even despite the latest news about the tightening of the rules for entering Thailand), while others decided to lower and earn money.

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