Unpleasant neighbors: with whom Russians do not like to rest

Someone constantly attacks Russian tourists on the Internet. Whatever they accuse us of: we are both loud and scandalous, and we are not familiar with etiquette – the list is endless. They say that Europeans do not like to rest next to the Russians. And that the hotel staff in Turkey and Egypt often dislike us. Whom do we not favor? Ill tell you who Russians dont like to rest with. I analyzed hundreds of reviews and comments, and personally interviewed travel agents and our tourists in Turkey. And heres what I found out.

I advise you to read how Turks really treat Russian tourists. I talked to the hotel staff and found out the truth. All answers in this article .


Very often, our tourists come to agencies and ask to pick up a tour to a hotel where foreigners have a rest. But during the holidays they still glance at the Germans with displeasure. Why dont Russians like them? There are 3 main reasons for tourists:

  • Many people think that hotel staff in Turkey and Egypt love Germans and therefore provide them with the best service.
  • German women of age often sunbathe topless, which noticeably embarrasses those around them.
  • Incredible, but true: many Russians admit that they simply do not like Germans from their hearts (they contemptuously call them “Fritz” , etc.).
  • Chinese

    God forbid if a Chinese family settles next to you. They are noisy, fussy and never seem to sleep at all. Its amazing that even 3 Chinese are able to make it look like 20 people live behind your wall.


    Our tourists do not like them for drunkenness. Once on “all inclusive”, many Englishmen lose control. They get drunk, behave loudly and indecently, often unleash conflicts. One tourist told me that he even fought with the British, because they refused to turn off the music (the man was resting with his wife and small child), and responded to a polite request with aggression.


    Russian tourists do not like them for the same reason as the British. And yet the Poles are treated better. Although they love to take a walk and make some noise, they are rarely aggressive. On the contrary, they invite you to join and get to know each other with pleasure.


    Russians in Turkey hate to relax next to locals. Our complain tourists that Turkish families are loud. And that their children are allowed everything. Even throwing food and climbing on tables in restaurants.


    Our tourists don & # 39 ; t like to relax next to the Arabs in hotels in Turkey and Egypt. There are 3 main reasons:

  • Women swim in the pool right in what they walk on the street – its unhygienic …
  • At the buffet, they often queue up for food because they collect mountains of food.
  • places and create noise.
  • Russians and Ukrainians

    Probably every second person says that most of all they do not like to relax with their compatriots. Someone feels the so-called “Spanish shame” next to them, while others simply complain about the noise or inability to behave themselves. In addition, some Russian tourists have recently often complained about disrespectful statements made by Ukrainians about them. However, it works the other way too. Perhaps, there are no complaints only against Belarusians.

    It seems to me that the division along ethnic lines is still generalized and often unfair. I myself do not like to rest only with noisy and violent tourists who do not respect others. And such people can come from anywhere. What do you think?

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