Lived in Turkey for over a year: 5 things that still amaze me

It doesnt matter where you are: in resort Antalya, huge Istanbul or provincial Trabzon – you can feel these features of Turkey everywhere. I have lived here for over a year and am still not used to them. It doesnt annoy me in the least. I guess Ill just always be surprised at these peculiarities of life in Turkey.

Everything is very slow p “datalock_ render-renderb” classlock = “article-renderblock points = “13”>It is not the slowness and lack of punctuality that is surprising. And the fact that it is considered normal. Life in Turkey has one peculiarity: you cannot expect that any business will be completed on time. A vivid example: a friend of mine from Istanbul often travels to a small city to visit her husbands family. One early morning, a pipe burst in their private home. They urgently summoned the masters. Those arrived late in the evening (after the third call), when the first floor of the house was already flooded, and the problem was partially solved on their own. What then can you expect from a taxi driver or a food delivery man?

They eat differently

I just cant get used to the fact that Turks eat well only twice a day. They have a late breakfast (and they like to eat thoroughly). Their lunch is small, and dinner can consist of 4-5 courses. And on Ramadan, when Muslims observe fasting, everyone starts eating when I start getting ready to sleep. The Turks invite me over for breakfast or dinner. And I have to endure and not eat for a long time in order to come to them not full (Turks are very offended if someone does not accept treats).

Drink a lot of tea

Wherever you go, you will always be offered a glass of tea. And it is considered indecent to refuse a treat. Imagine that you need to go to several places on business and drink 1-2 glasses everywhere. So you cant work up your appetite. Turks are used to this – they whip tea from morning until bedtime (and always freshly brewed). But it doesnt fit into me that much.

All on trust

I have been in Turkey for a year now, and I still look around in supermarkets from time to time in confusion. If I went to the bazaar for groceries, and then to the store, I have to go with this bag or cart. There are no luggage storage facilities in Turkish supermarkets. And video surveillance is also usually not conducted. Also, the water supplier does not take money from us if he has no change. Says that you can pay later. And he himself never reminds of it. Everyone in Turkey trusts each other.

Everyone who is curious

Turks are huge gossips! They are interested in how the neighbors live. They will not hesitate to ask why you do not have children, how much do you earn, where are your parents, etc. I cant get used to being scrutinized by strangers. Im not in the least curious about how the young couple lives in the neighborhood, and why they return home in the morning and not in the evenings. Its their business, isnt it? But the Turks are curious to know everything.

I am surprised by other features of life in Turkey. But I will probably never get used to these. Turks, by the way, are also surprised at a lot in us. They look with huge eyes as we eat “dangerous raw fish” (herring), dress up to go to the store and don’t change our shoes in slippers from the doorway.

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