Its your own fault! Rested in Anapa – I understood why the resorts of our South are still not flourishing

We have it all: sandy beaches, nature and warm sea. But vacationing in the south of Russia is still not “prestigious”. Better to go to Turkey or Egypt. Why is that? I decided to live in Anapa to understand what was wrong with our south. I came to an unexpected conclusion: the resort is not to blame, but the tourists.

  • “In our south, all the hotels are soviet!”
  • “The money is tearing, and they themselves have furniture from the 90s and dusty carpets on the floor!”
  • “We would go to Anapa, but there are only sanatoriums for grannies!”
  • 3 main arguments of tourists who refuse to go to the Black Sea. It seems to many that apart from guest houses, old boarding houses and hotels of the times of the USSR, there is nothing here.

    This is not the case for a long time. But for some reason people do not want to abandon stereotypes and convince me otherwise.

    Modern hotels

    This year I was convinced that there are decent boutique hotels in Anapa, and quite modern “treshki”, and even “all inclusive” ( I have already made a selection of excellent options, look here). Moreover, it turned out that our all inclusive is not inferior to the Turkish one. And that there is still a service in the Russian south.

    I went to rest in a modern, beautiful and really worthy hotel in Anapa – Great Eight 5 *. I made a review, waited for comments in the spirit: “You see, we told you! It happens with us, too! “But, oddly enough, I was faced with negativity. Now the same people write that it is“ too expensive for Anapa. ”

    Everything is wrong

    It turns out that it is generally impossible to please our tourists. Cheap hotels are bad, “scoop”. And modern, in which there is nothing to complain about, do not like because of the price. I came up with the formula for an ideal hotel for such tourists:

  • Modern, with new furniture and fresh renovation.
  • With a flawless buffet. Preferred – with lobsters for breakfast and black caviar for dinner. Okay, with red.
  • Mandatory on 1 line and with a private beach.
  • With attentive staff.
  • And most importantly – for 1000 rubles a day. Okay, two.
  • There are no such hotels! And even if they were, people would still not like something. For example, concrete paths, not real tiles, do you understand.

    Sobyanin? .. ?

    Our south has no future?

    In a 5 * hotel in Anapa, I felt real pride in our resorts. Finally, the Russian south has ceased to be a resting place for those who “have not saved up for Turkey”! I wanted to share this joy with others and finally dispel stereotypes. After all, I found out that such a hotel is not the only one here. There are a lot of them! But people still found the downsides.

    Still, it seems to me that our south has a future. But it will only come when people become a little kinder, more forgiving and more positive.

    When I praised Turkish hotels, “eternally dissatisfied” reproached me for my lack of patriotism. They said that Russia also has something to be proud of. Well, here I came to Anapa, I praise her. And they write to me: “Stop telling us fairy tales! Our resorts are not suitable for Turkish resorts either. I will not exchange my beloved Turkey for this garbage. “Dear tourists, I do not understand you! ?

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