I thought that everything is cheap in Georgia: I went to the store – I was surprised! Showing prices

They constantly write on the Internet that prices are cheap in Georgia. Now I can send these people to Carrefour or any other supermarket. I was surprised what the prices are! I took a photo of familiar products so that you can also see how much food costs in Georgia. Batumi or Tbilisi – it doesnt matter, prices are the same everywhere.

Current rate: 1 lari ~ 24 rubles. In the photo, all prices are in Georgian currency. For your convenience, I will convert them to rubles. Scroll through the galleries for more photos. Sweets

  • Alpen Gold chocolate – 77 rubles. In general, all chocolate of famous and local brands in Georgia costs something like this. Only Roshen is the cheapest. You can buy a Ukrainian brand chocolate for only 50 rubles.
  • Bars: Mars – 26 rubles; Snickers, Twix, Kit-Kat – 33; big “Bounty” and “Snickers” – 47.
  • Biscuit rolls: 7Days – 67 rubles, Kovis – 58, “Domashny” – 53, “Yashkino” – 60.
  • Crackers: Tuc – 47 (promotion), “Yashkino” – 26 rubles.

Biscuits in packs cost between 50-100 rubles, gingerbread – about 80, jam can be bought for 120-150 rubles. Chocolates by weight – from 400. The cheapest are the products of Roshen and Yashkino.


  • Sugar – a pack of 900 grams costs 61 rubles, and next to it lies for 80. I dont know what the difference is.
  • Flour, 1 kg – 63 rubles.
  • Buckwheat: 800 grams – packs of local brands for 110, 125, 155 rubles.
  • Rice: the cheapest – 76 rubles for 800 grams, basmati – from 130.
  • Pasta: standard packs of various brands cost about 65-70 rubles, Italian Barilla – 87.
  • Bonduelle canned food: corn – 114, peas – 109 rubles.
  • Vegetable oil: “Blagoyar” – 120 rubles, local brand – 188.
  • Ketchup: Heinz – 66 rubles,” Sloboda “- 70.
  • Mayonnaise: “Ryaba” And “Moskovsky” – a small pack for 56 rubles.

On a note! A bit of Georgian magic using flour as an example. A pack weighing 1 kg costs 2.65 lari (63 rubles), and 2 kg – 5.85 (140 rubles). It is more profitable to take two small packs and spend 5.3 lari (126 rubles). And so in everything. In Georgia, it is often more profitable to buy products in small volumes.

It seems to me that prices in Russia are about the same. Something even cheaper. Therefore, here I do not agree with those who say that everything is very cheap in Georgia.


Wine and local lemonade are really cheap in Georgia. And of course, there is inexpensive mineral water. For comparison, I took 2 photos.

  • Beer: local brands – 55-60 rubles, famous brands – from 70, “Zhiguli” – 83 rubles for 0.5.
  • Borjomi – 35 rubles for 1 liter.
  • Milk and eggs

    Dairy products in Georgia are cheap if they are local. For example:

    • Curd – 240 rubles/kg.
    • Nadugi (analogue of ricotta) – 165 rubles/kg.
    • Matsoni (glass 400 gr) – from 30.
    • Suluguni – 360 – 450 rubles/kg.
    • Sour cream: loose – 120 rubles/kg, glass 400 gr – 67 rubles.

    The exception is milk. The photo shows the most budgetary option – “House in the Country” for 90 rubles. Discounts are rare. In smaller supermarkets, milk costs from 110 rubles. Kefir costs about 90 rubles per bottle.

    A dozen eggs in Georgia cost from 116 rubles. They are not divided into categories, as in Russia. But I would say that they are small. It can be cheaper if you search in small brick and mortar stores.

    Fruits and vegetables

    This is what is really cheap in Georgia. Especially if you dont take it from the supermarket. But even here the prices are pleasant.

    • Oranges and grapefruits – 180 rubles/kg (now off-season ).
    • Apples and pears – 100-110 (at the time of publication, the first harvest was just removed, then they will become cheaper).
    • Peaches and nectarines – 50.
    • Carrots, beets, onions – 68-70 rubles/kg.
    • Eggplant – 90.
    • Cucumbers – 36 rubles/kg.
    • Tomatoes – 56.

    As you can see, not so cheap in Georgia. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper here than in Russia. But prices for meat, cereals and most groceries are almost the same. Familiar dairy products, chicken and cheese are cheaper in Russia.

    In general, living in Georgia is comfortable. Prices for fruits and vegetables offset the costs of everything else. Then it turns out even profitable. However, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to make loud statements about “cheap” prices.

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