I learned why I need Russian food at a buffet in Turkey

Why do we need Russian dishes on a buffet in Turkey? Friends and subscribers who often rest on “all inclusive” have asked me this question more than once. Juicy kebabs, unusual bulgur salad, oriental sweets – will anyone really prefer their usual food? Why eat rice porridge when there is menemen? Why do you need nuggets when a juicy lamb roll is squeezing nearby? I spoke with hotel staff and chef friends. They told what Russian dishes are for and who eats them.

Whats on buffet “?

In hotels in Turkey, buffet meals are divided into 3 categories:

  • Turkish … Menemen tomato omelet, bereki puff pastry, local pide pizza, lentil cream soup, kebabs, stewed beans with meat, eggplant moussaka, cold snacks with yoghurt, miniature manti, sarma in grape leaves … And all kinds of oriental sweets and puddings, grilled dishes, meat rolls, all kinds of lamb, unusual cheeses. Everything is bright, appetizing – the eyes run up!
  • International … These are standard side dishes like pasta or mashed potatoes, fries, hamburgers, pasta, and pizza. Sausages, cucumber and tomato salad, breakfast cereals and porridge, pancakes and croissants, toast, fried fish and chicken schnitzels. For dessert – European cakes (or rather, an attempt to repeat them, because it rarely succeeds). Increasingly, there are variations on the theme of healthy eating: boiled breast, steamed broccoli, etc.
  • Russian … These are milk porridges: rice and semolina (they consider them ours, and oatmeal – European). An analogue of borscht, but without beets and almost without vegetables – “Russian soup”. Olivier, which is called “Russian salad” in Turkey. Salted cabbage is an analogue of our sauerkraut, but it tastes worse (the Turks themselves do not eat it). Beetroot salad, cabbage rolls, Turkish version of “navy macaroni”. This is the minimum set. Some hotels even host Russian dinners when the evening is dedicated to our food.
  • Check out my video on all inclusive food in Turkey in 2021. You will see Turkish, European and Russian dishes.

    Why such food?

    I spoke with the staff of the Turkish hotels. They told why they cook Russian dishes on the buffet.

    • For “newcomers” … Turkish food is very colorful. The guestseyes widen. Especially for those who came to all-inclusive for the first time. Whats in the line-up? What if you dont like it? Familiar pasta with meat, an omelet with sausages and a “clear” salad of cucumbers with tomatoes come to the rescue. They are taken as a basis and supplemented with something Turkish. And eventually they try something else.
    • For children … Have you noticed how eagerly the kids are picking up regular spaghetti with tomato sauce or fries with ketchup? Who is definitely not interested in unfamiliar Turkish dishes.
    • Care . People are sometimes too busy to cook their favorite meals at home. Many Russian guests appreciate the opportunity to dine daily with soup, dine with pilaf or breakfast with warm fresh buns with butter. Simple food is always in demand and is a pleasure.
    • Hospitality … Almost all Turks love exclusively national dishes. Give them our jellied meat or Japanese sushi – they will run away in search of their native bereks and kebabs. Therefore, they are sure that everyone should be able to eat their own food. The hotels prepare a variety of dishes for the comfort of their guests. And evenings of Russian cuisine are arranged in order to say: “We are ready to try to make you feel good.” It is really worth appreciating, because getting buckwheat or baking cheese cakes in Turkey is a small feat.

    In a word, everything is done to ensure that we have no worries on vacation. At the buffet, the simplest food, European and Russian dishes, and Turkish treats are specially mixed. This is good for those who take a break from cooking and do not like gastronomic experiments. And for those who are always eager to try something new.

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