I came to Russia to change the foreigner: I wanted to do it in 1 month, but it turned out 3! Telling How It Was

I live in Turkey. This year the time has come to change the passport. I decided to do everything through “Gosuslugi”. I read both frightening and good reviews. Hope I would get lucky. As a result, I spent 3 months in Russia (and hoped to stop by for one). Ill tell you how it went. If you have to replace a foreigner, you will know what to prepare for.

I will tell you a list of my actions and terms in order. I made a new passport for 10 years. Designed in St. Petersburg.

Application submission

On September 2, I submitted an application to replace the foreigner through the State Service website. I filled out a simple form, uploaded a photo, indicated 10 years of work experience. It is very convenient that through the site you can order an extract from the pension fund, which contains information in chronological order. I transferred the data and sent it.

In the application it was possible to independently choose the branch for personal submission of documents. It was convenient for me to approach the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg near the Moskovskaya metro station.

Payment of the duty

My application was quickly checked. After that, it became possible to pay the fee of 3,500 rubles. This was immediately displayed in your personal account.


On the same day (September 2), an email was received with an invitation for personal submission documents. The exact date and time was appointed – September 15th. Reception is on time, but on a first come, first served basis. The date of the invitation, if it is not suitable, can be changed by calling the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Submission of documents

On September 15, I came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs office 20 minutes before the appointed time. Reception was delayed by 30 minutes. I brought with me:

  • an old foreign country (not needed) ;
  • Russian passport;
  • a photocopy of the Russian passport.

I spent 5 minutes in my office. I handed over my documents and prints, took a picture.

I never thought that I would say this, but I really liked the employee of the department. This sweet woman smiled, praised me for a photocopy of a Russian passport (usually not all of them bring them), behaved very professionally and politely. Not like people in line! Some tried to get in without recording and made scenes when others explained why this should not be done.


After September 15th, a long wait began. I changed my passport in St. Petersburg, and I was registered in the Arkhangelsk region. And this means that the department has the right to make a passport up to 90 days from the date of filing an application for “State Services”. An employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the reception of documents said: “The deadline for issuing is December 2. But you can start checking your mail closer to mid-November. Sometimes they do it sooner.

I hoped it would be even faster. I thought that in mid-October I would go back to Turkey. But the lull lasted until November 17. On this day, I received a message: “The personalization of a new generation foreign passport is being carried out in the Personalization Center.” As far as I understand, this means that my prints and personal data are applied to it.


On November 24, the long-awaited letter came: “We invite you to receive a passport of a new type. “Documents are issued in the same department where the application was accepted. Only the queue is already live, no recording.

Obtaining a passport

I came for a passport on the day when the issuing window was open from 11:00 to 15:00. I decided that it would be reasonable to approach at 10.50. I immediately found out that people decided to make their own priority list – they wrote down in a notebook. So everything is fair. I was 51st. And the window hasn’t even opened yet!

I came to Russia to change the foreigner: I wanted to do it in 1 month, but it turned out 3! Heres how it was

As a result, I spent about 2 hours in the department. And at the checkout window, everything went away in 2 minutes. I found out that those who hope to get through first at 11 oclock come to the department by 7 am. Wow!


I applied on September 2nd and hoped I would be lucky and get my passport in October. But I only picked it up at the end of November. What I understood:

  • it is reasonable to change documents only at the place of registration – this is will definitely save time;
  • employees in government institutions have become very polite, it is a pleasure to deal with them;
  • it is more convenient to submit an application and track the process through “State Services” than in person.

The main thing is that the passport is ready! Its time for new travels!

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