How to Get to Thailand: 10 Tips to Make Getting Thai Pass Easier

What if the Thai Pass doesnt arrive? Is it possible to change the date of departure to Thailand after receiving the QR code? What if the Morchana app is not working? I share my personal experience and the Thai Foreign Ministrys answers to the most popular questions from tourists. I have already successfully passed the “Sandbox” in Phuket and flew to Koh Samui.

You will need a copy of your passport, vaccination certificate, travel insurance, airline tickets, confirmation of booking from the SHA + hotel. Check all documents carefully to get permission to enter Thailand the first time. Submit your application in advance. It may take 5-7 business days for review. It happens that it takes longer – on the forums, people write about serious delays. So do not delay the submission.

Watch my video for a step-by-step instruction on TyPass design. If you are more comfortable reading the information, take a look at this article .

2. Thai Pass not arriving, departure soon: what to do?

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs replies that ThaiPass can arrive 24-48 hours before departure. It doesnt matter when you applied: 3 weeks or 7 working days before departure – the answer may come one day before departure.

I understand that it is difficult not to worry in such a situation. If you are worried, contact the Thai Consulate and briefly describe the situation. Sometimes this speeds up the process of receiving a QR code. You can also try to reach them on Facebook – I heard that people received codes immediately after communicating with employees of the department.

3. Can I change the date of departure to Thailand after receiving ThaiPass?

No. If you change your ticket, you will have to reissue the Tai Pass.

4. Can I issue a single Thai Pass for the whole family?

No. Every tourist over the age of 18 must have their own QR code. It is also important to check that the names of each family member are listed on the hotel booking confirmation.

5. Do I need to make a TyPass for children?

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs replies that tourists over 18 years of age must receive an individual Thai Pass. Children can be added to parent registration in the “personal information” section.

6. What are the rules for vaccination and PCR for children?

Persons over 18 must have a vaccination certificate. A PCR test for entering Thailand is not needed for children under the age of 6.

7. What kind of insurance can I take in Thailand?

Some tourists do not receive the TaiPass due to inappropriate insurance. They have to urgently buy another policy and reapply. The usual insurance that your banks offer will almost always NOT work. The simplest insurance for 30 days with coverage for $ 50 thousand is exactly suitable – I checked it on my own experience, formalized it here, took Ingosstrakh. You can take out one policy for a couple or a family, but it is important to fill in the name of each insured person.

Important ! It must be written that the insurance policy covers the treatment of Covid-19. And it is desirable that it be spelled out in English. 8. Morchana app doesnt work: what to do … At the airport, tourists are only checked for QR codes, PCR tests and documents. The application will work correctly internally.

9. Is it possible to stay at the SHA + hotel longer than 7 days?

Of course! As part of the Sandbox program, tourists are required to stay at the hotel for at least 7 days. Then you can move to another location and leave the province where the Sandbox took place. Or you can stay at the same hotel if you want.

10. Is it possible to go on excursions during the Sandbox?

This is allowed if you do not leave the province. The list of permitted places for each region can be obtained locally. For Phuket, one-day boat trips to neighboring islands are allowed: Racha, Coral, Rang Yai and others. You can go to distant islands (Phi Phi, “Bond Island”, Similans, etc.) only after completing Sandbox.

I went through the “Sandbox” in Phuket and booked an excursion to the islands of Racha and Coral. The organizers immediately warned where you are allowed to go and what documents are important to take with you.

In words everything sounds complicated. But if you look into the details, everything turns out to be very simple. Prepare all paperwork in good faith, read the instructions carefully and follow the rules set by Thailand. Then everything will go smoothly!

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