Father of Horror in Egypt: 10 Things You May Not Know About the Sphinx

Does the curse of the Sphinx really exist, and have scientists managed to get even one step closer to solving its secret? Who, how and why built the “protector of the pyramids” in Egypt? Why do people from all over the world travel to Cairo to see the giant statue? Here are 10 interesting facts about the Sphinx that you might not know.

One of the most curious facts about the Sphinx is the nature of its construction. A rare tourist knows that the Egyptians carved most of the sculpture from a monolithic rock. And only then they supplemented it with blocks. This is painstaking work! Especially if you remember that there were no good tools in those days.

Unusual name

In Arabic, the name of the Sphinx sounds like “Abu al- Howl. “Literally translated, it means” father of horror. “No wonder there are so many mysterious and scary mysteries around the sphinx!

The date of construction is unknown

Scientists have long believed that the Sphinx appeared in Giza under Pharaoh Khafren in the second half of the 2nd century BC. They even managed to find some similarity in the appearance of the sculpture and the ruler of Egypt. However, recent data have shown that the base of the Sphinx was under water for a long time. This means that the sculpture appeared even earlier: in the period from IV to VI centuries BC, when this area was flooded.


The Egyptian Sphinx had a hard time not only during the floods – it also suffered from numerous sandstorms. They were so strong that the statue almost completely went under the dune. It was only in the 1920s that the Sphinx was “unearthed”.

A hasty escape of builders

At the base of the Sphinx, Egyptologists found fossilized tools and utensils. Scientists concluded that the builders had to leave the construction site in a hurry. However, it is not known what exactly prompted them to do this.

Why was it built

An interesting fact about the Sphinx in Egypt: it is the largest sculpture in the world. Its length is 72 meters, height – 20. Why did the Egyptians need such a giant? According to the most widespread version, people believed in his connection with the Sun. Therefore, they believed that the luminary would endow him with special power to guard the eternal peace of the pharaohs.

The secret room

Few people know that scientists from Japan have discovered a secret room right under the paw of the Sphinx. The instruments determined that it was connected with a tunnel leading to the Khafre pyramid (the second largest in Cairo). Who built it and why? It was not possible to find out – the Egyptian authorities did not give the Japanese permission to work.

Where is his nose?

There is a legend that the nose of the Sphinx was kidnapped by Napoleon Bonaparte. However, it was not possible to prove this. Apparently, the nose of the sculpture was lost even before the birth of the great French conqueror.

The workers lived well

The Sphinx of Giza, like the pyramids, it was not slaves who built it, but free people. The workers received good wages and excellent food. By analyzing the finds near the sculpture, scientists managed to find out that they were fed beef and lamb. At that time it was a great luxury.


According to another legend, a monster lived inside the Sphinx, guarding the entrance to the underworld and the tombs of the pharaohs. .. Any person, meeting with him, received a riddle. An incorrect answer meant death. Of course, no one answered correctly. The statue itself also had a scary look. Only Pharaoh Khafren was able to defeat the monster when he ordered to carve his face on the statue.


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