Erdogan built a mosque in Istanbul for 100 thousand people: I tell you how much it cost and why you need to see it

amlıca Mosque is considered the new symbol of Istanbul. It was opened in 2019, and since then it has been included in the list of the most important attractions in Turkey. Why does all of Turkey call it “Erdogans mosque”? How is it different from the rest? Why not only pilgrims, but also tourists tend to visit the inside of the Çamlıca Camii temple? Here are the most interesting facts about the amlıca mosque that you should know.

The mosque is located in the Uskudar district on the amlıca hill. It is the highest in Istanbul and rises 263 meters above sea level. This position and imposing size make the temple visible from most parts of the city. The observation deck in the courtyard of the mosque offers a charming view of Istanbul.

Construction cost

Officially, the construction cost of the amlıca mosque is estimated at $ 110 million. The Turkish government is confident that it will “work off” this money by attracting tourists to Istanbul.

Not the largest in the world

It is often written on the Internet that the amlıca mosque is the largest in the world. In fact, it is almost half the size of the main temple of the Muslim world in Mecca. She has only 6 minarets (world record – 11). However, amlıca confidently entered the TOP 10 largest mosques on the planet and is the largest in Turkey.

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Not just a mosque

The amlıca Mosque has more than just a prayer hall. A library and conference hall was built here, an art gallery and a museum of Islamic culture were opened, as well as 8 art workshops. The mosque is surrounded by a garden.

Female architects

Famous Turkish women Bahar Mizrak and Hariye Gul Totu built the Camlıca Mosque. The women admit that they were inspired by Islamic architecture and the works of the famous architect of the Ottoman Empire, Mimar Sinan. This is clearly visible in the outlines of the new landmark of Istanbul.

Comfortable for women

Amlıca is the first mosque in Istanbul to be built with an emphasis on feminine comfort. Historically, only men come to pray at the temple. The architects decided to change this tradition. Therefore, the amlıca mosque has a womens hall for 600 people with its own entrance, separate parking and elevators, a playground, childcare rooms and even a nanny.

Special layout

In the amlıca mosque, 63 thousand people can pray at the same time. The structure is earthquake resistant (earthquakes are frequent in Istanbul). If necessary, 100 thousand people can take refuge in the mosque.

Erdogan Mosque

The largest mosque in Turkey was built at the initiative of the president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally monitored progress on a monthly basis. Thus, he forever inscribed his name in history. Residents of Istanbul often call the grandiose project “Erdogans Mosque”. And tourists cannot remember the complex name “Camlıca” (among the popular variants – “Camlitsa”, “Kamlitsa”, etc.), therefore they also call it by the name of the President of Turkey.

Important symbols

Architects “hid” important symbols in numbers:

  • The height of the four minarets is 107.1 meters. The conference hall of the mosque can accommodate 1071 people. All this symbolizes the most important historical victory of Turkey in the Battle of Manzikert in 1071.
  • The diameter of the main dome is 72 meters. This symbolizes the number of ethnic groups living in Istanbul.
  • The diameter of the additional dome is 34 meters. This number symbolizes Istanbul itself (it is this number that is the automobile region code and postal code).
  • 16 names of Allah are written on the inner walls. This symbolizes the number of states founded by Turks throughout history.
  • Special attention to detail

    nothing distracted. However, they took care to surround the parishioners with beauty:

    • the mosque has 70 domes;
    • the main emphasis is placed on the internal space – it is huge, all-consuming;
    • on the floor there is a handmade carpet with an area of ​​17 thousand square meters.

    The best way to get to the amlıca mosque is from the pier “Uskudar” by bus number 15-C. Combine it with a walk in the park of the same name. Opening hours of the mosque: every day from 6 to 21. The entrance for tourists is free. It is not worth visiting the amlıca mosque during namaz (prayer). It is also wise not to schedule your visit on Friday (traditional prayer day) or religious holidays.

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