Dont repeat my mistakes! I tell you how to put a “covid stamp” in Thailand the first time

Oh, those bloggers with outdated information about Thailand! If I had not read their posts, I would have received a stamp the first time. And I wouldn’t have bothered to jerk the owner of the apartment in which I now live. I will tell you how the “covid stamps” are put in Thailand right now. And how not to waste time.

I put a stamp on the island of Koh Samui. Perhaps, in Pattaya and Phuket, the registration process will take a little longer. I told about my experience in the video below – take a look.

What is a “covid stamp”

A “covid stamp” in Thailand is an extension of any tourist stamp or visa for 60 days. Officially, the “generosity promotion” runs until January 25, 2022. If you fly to Thailand before 01.20.22, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this offer. However, there are rumors that the visa amnesty will be extended again. This time until the end of March.

Documents for receiving the stamp

The official list of documents for extending the “covid stamp” is as follows:

< li class = "article-render__block article-render__block_li" data-points = "1"> Original passport.

  • Photocopies of passport: main page + page with border stamp and immigration card. They can be made on site. There is always a copy center near the immigration office, where they know exactly what to print.
  • Photo for the questionnaire. Any of your photos will do for documents – they dont find fault here. But if this is not the case, take pictures directly at the immigration office. It's also inexpensive.
  • Statement. To be completed at the Immigration Office. The sample is there. Volunteers check the correctness of filling.
  • Money – 1900 baht.
  • On the Internet they write that this must be accompanied by an official confirmation from the hotel or rented accommodation. Moreover, with the prescribed period of your stay for the next 60 days and a seal. Someone even assures that it is supposedly necessary to issue a certificate of resident … This is not so! I asked about this at the immigration office (its not for nothing that the owner of my apartment was busy with the papers at my request!). They replied that it is not necessary.

    They also write on the Web that the “covid stamp” will require insurance and even some kind of special letter from the Russian embassy. Dont believe this information. Of the documents – only a passport and photocopies. Everyone!

    When can I submit documents?

    The submission time is the main mistake, due to which I did not receive the stamp the first time. I read on the Internet that you can go to the immigration office even during the “Sandbox”. Sula, in all things, the rules have changed. I came to renew the stamp on the 10th day of my stay in Thailand. I was sent home. It turned out that you can apply no earlier than on the 15th day of your stay in the country.

    How long does it take to process

    I received a “covid stamp” 15-20 minutes after submitting an application. Perhaps it will take longer in busy Pattaya.

    In old blogger articles I found information that Thais first put a 7-day stamp … And then they ask tourists to return and extend it for 60 days. Everything was accepted from me the first time. The order was as follows:

    • I filled out an application, attached a passport and photocopies;
    • volunteers checked it and pasted my photo;
    • I received a number in the queue;
    • in 2 minutes already submitted documents in the window;
    • paid 1900 baht (only cash is accepted, change is given);
    • went to drink coffee, returned – immediately received a passport stamped for 60 days.

    As you can see, everything is easier than they write on the Internet. If you need to renew the “covid stamp”, do not run to do it during the “Sandbox” and do not take unnecessary documents with you.

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