An employee of a hotel in Turkey told me what things are most often stolen by tourists on vacation

Russian tourists fill their pockets with fruit, and suitcases with light bulbs and toilet paper. “Is it expensive in your country?” – a friend of the Turks asked me. I got lost. I dont even know why my compatriots are stealing all these things. However, not only Russians do this. I talked with a friend of a hotel worker in Turkey. I was curious what tourists usually take away “as a keepsake”. And what do employees think about it. Let me tell you what I found out.

“Toilet paper” This is what surprises the staff of hotels in Turkey. Guests from Russia often ask the maids to bring them a couple of extra rolls and take them with them. “Why take up space in your suitcase? Without her, there would be more gifts for the family! Or is toilet paper expensive in Russia? “- my interlocutor asked with laughter and bewilderment.

Food from the buffet

Do you think hotel employees in Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia do not notice how our women hide peaches in their husbands pockets and stuff their bags with buns and dried fruits? They see everything perfectly and even have the right to make a comment. But the Turks in most cases leave theft on the conscience of tourists.


A popular hotel theft is knives and forks from the restaurant. But most often tourists steal mugs (especially if they are branded), teaspoons and glasses from the rooms. If the employees notice this, they, of course, stop tourists.

Tea and coffee sets

This is not really theft, because tea sets as well as cosmetics, it is not prohibited to pick up from the hotels. Another thing is that tourists abuse it. Many every day hide in a suitcase everything that the maid puts during cleaning: tea, coffee, sugar. And they are waiting for the next portion to hide the “loot” in the suitcase again.

Tea bags

I took them out to a separate point, because tourists steal it not only in the rooms. Vacationers fill their pockets with tea bags in buffet restaurants and self-service bars between maids.


Some Turkish hotels are even glad that tourists are stealing branded jars – in their opinion, this is additional advertising. But the staff sincerely do not understand tourists who drain soap and shampoos from wall-mounted dispenser bottles. And also those who steal cosmetics and soap from carts left by the maids in the corridors.

“Everything paid”

Tourists are not prohibited from taking away cosmetics, slippers, notebooks and pens, sewing kits, shoe sponges, combs and other trifles. If you want – take it. But the staff is genuinely surprised when people steal batteries from remote controls and unscrew light bulbs. Light bulbs! Do people really manage to take them home safe and sound?!

Large things

Towels, pillowcases, dishes, bathrobes and even paintings are constantly missing in hotels in Turkey! If tourists are caught stealing, they almost always say they took it by mistake. This happens more often than you think. In the high season, hotels in Turkey suffer losses not even by hundreds, but by thousands of dollars.

What I stole

I will also share my personal example! I was vacationing in a Turkish 5 * hotel and fell in love with the aroma of lotion from the cosmetic set. I so wanted to take the bottle with me to prolong the feeling of vacation. It is allowed to take such jars, but for some reason I was still embarrassed to do it. I asked the maid if I could take one jar home, because I am delighted with it. She was so happy that I had paid her a compliment! She offered to take more. But one was enough for me =)

In the same way, I once asked the waiter for 2 apples from the buffet – on the road. He, too, was clearly glad that I asked, and did not carry them in my pocket. With a smile, he offered to take more. Conclusion: if you want to take something – just ask. They will definitely allow you (if its not a towel or forks, of course) and offer you more.

What do the Turks think

From a conversation with the Turks, I understood that they are amused by the desire of tourists to endure everything that they are “supposed to be on the tour.” And of course, they dont like petty theft. But they turn a blind eye to many things in Turkey – they dont even make remarks.

And yet, you must admit, its ridiculous: people find 100 thousand for a ticket, but they drag toilet paper from vacation for 15 rubles, light bulbs and batteries! Thats really, really, “all inclusive”.

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