3 places in Tbilisi that annoy locals

Saakashvili, of course, upset the Georgians. For some reason, Tbilisi doesnt like his projects at all. They are given offensive nicknames, asked to demolish or simply try not to notice. I tell you what places annoy the locals, and what contemptuous names they got. Almost every Georgian I talked to in Tbilisi told me about this.

Today I wrote more about the attitude of Georgians towards Saakashvili here

1. The Biltmore Hotel | “Proctologists finger”

An unusual skyscraper was built on the site of an old Soviet institute. Some residents of Tbilisi considered it a historical and cultural value, so they did not support the demolition. However, the 32-storey glass building was built here anyway. Today it can be seen from almost anywhere in Tbilisi. Inside there is a premium hotel Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi 5 *. But the sharp-tongued Georgians contemptuously call him “the finger of a proctologist” (even those who had nothing against the demolition of the Soviet building). Looking at the structure, you involuntarily smile: you have to come up with such an analogy! Be that as it may, Biltmore is popular and has won thousands of rave reviews from guests in Georgia. Today it is included in the TOP-50 of the most prestigious hotels in the world.

2. Bridge of Peace | “Always pad”

The futuristic construction thrown across the Kura River immediately caused a wave of indignation in Tbilisi. The bridge was built in August 2008 at the initiative of Mikhail Saakashvili. The idea of ​​the project was born after the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. It was assumed that the bridge symbolizes the outstretched hand of friendship, steel – the inviolability of the union, and glass – the transparency of intentions. But the residents of Tbilisi, looking at him from the side, noted with laughter that he resembles an item of feminine hygiene. Popularly nicknamed it “padding”.

But tourists like the Peace Bridge. It strikes with a giant steel frame, which seems to float in the air on only 4 supports. More than 50 thousand light bulbs are installed in the glass roof and side walls. In the evening, the bridge is beautifully illuminated and shimmered (see the video below).

3. Cultural and Music Center | “Saakashvilis pants”

There is another construction in Rike Park, located right next to the Peace Bridge in Tbilisi, that annoys Georgians. Mikhail Saakashvili planned to build an unusual cultural center in the capital in the form of two pipes. A musical theater was to be placed in one sleeve, an exhibition hall in the other. More than $ 30 million was spent on the project.

However, with the departure of Saakashvili, the construction was frozen. Now this place is dilapidated and empty. And the residents of Tbilisi came up with the contemptuous nickname “Saakashvilis pants” for him.

How do you like these constructions? Do you share the delight of tourists? Or lean towards the opinion of the locals?

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